10 Reasons People Love Living in Falls Church

10 Reasons People Love Living in Falls Church

A small-town vibe with a major world city just minutes away, Falls Church is a dynamic suburban city bringing the best of laid-back lifestyles and cosmopolitan amenities. But it’s more than just the location that makes Falls Church one of the most diverse, fast-growing cities in Virginia. Those in search of something off the beaten path will be drawn to the town’s easygoing ambiance, rich cultural tapestry, and commitment to community and diversity.

Our guide to Falls Church is here with 10 reasons young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs are choosing to call Falls Church home.

1. Saturday Strolls at the Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is a social hub bringing together the best of the community through fresh local produce and handmade crafts, specialty foods, and so much more. Take a leisurely stroll and explore over 50 booths, many of whom offer samples of their fare. Take in free music performances, cooking demos, and fitness classes, or just enjoy some good old-fashioned people watching. With the variety and changing lineup of vendors, there’s always something new to discover.


2. The Falls Church

Since being built in 1734, The Falls Church, the church after which the town was named, has been celebrated as a masterpiece of 19th century design. One of the oldest, active churches nationwide, The Falls Church has been placed in the National Register of Historic Places, cementing its place as a historic landmark. Worshippers can take part in weekly services, while others can simply enjoy the plentiful concerts, talks, art shows, and guided tours of the architecture.


3. Tinner Hill Historic Park

From educational events to music festivals, Tinner Hill Historic Park is a Falls Church mainstay rich in the history of the African American struggle for freedom and civil rights. As the first rural branch of the National Association for the Protection of Colored People (NAACP) initiated in the United States, it serves as a cultural hub, memorial, and preservation society working to keep the spirit and heritage of its past alive. Stop by to learn more of the history of Falls Church from an entirely new perspective through lectures, film screenings, and concerts.


4. Eden Center

Founded and run by the Vietnamese community of Northern Virginia over 40 years ago, the Eden Center mall is your source for the exotic sites, goods, and flavors of the far east. Over 125 restaurants, gift shops, markets, and more ensure there’s always something new to discover, while their yearly Tet and Mid-Autumn Festivals are not ones to miss.


5. Mr. Brown’s Park

Located in the heart of downtown Falls Church, Mr. Brown’s Park has something to offer people of all ages, interests, and abilities. From picnicking on the lush lawns to enjoying the vivid murals by local artists, children’s play areas and so much more, this local hotspot is beloved for its relaxed vibes, natural beauty, and community events like the yearly Easter eggs hunt and the Summer Concert Series.

6. Exemplary Educational Institutions

As the #1 top-ranked school district in the state of Virginia, Falls Church proudly leads the way in exceptional education, facilities, and educators. Public schools like George Mason High School and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, alongside private schools like Bishop O’Connell High School and St. James Catholic School offer high-quality education to students of all ages and academic preference. If you’re a family looking for high standards in children’s education, Falls Church literally tops the list.


7. Easy Access to Washington, D.C

A small-town lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up big-city opportunities and amenities. With only a 7-minute drive or metro ride into the heart of the nation’s capital, Falls Church serves as a welcoming homebase for commuters. If you’re in search of a family-friendly locale with a bustling world city at arm’s length, look no further than Falls Church.


8. Abundant Green Space

While restaurants, top-rated schools, and boutiques are plentiful, Falls Church is also a place with incredible greenery, open spaces, and natural preserves. Fans of the great outdoors can enjoy a nature walk, jog, or hike the Washington and Old Dominion Trail and the Four Mile Run Trail, or enjoy a day of leisure at one of the city’s many parks, like Cherry Hill Park, Falls Church City Park, and Tinner Hill Historic Park.


9. Low Crime Rates

With a crime rate that’s about one-third the U.S. average, Falls Church ranks as one of the state’s safest cities, making it ideal for raising a family, starting a business, or simply going about your daily life with the peace of mind of being in one of Virginia’s safest places to live.


10. Arts and Culture

From Tinner Hill and the State Theater to countless free concerts and educational series, Falls Church prides itself on celebrating and promoting the arts in all its forms. As Virginia’s most culturally diverse city, Falls Church has established itself as a hub for international entertainment, foods, music, and events. Be sure not to miss the Cherry Hill Music Festival, the Tinner Hill Blues Festival, and the Falls Church Arts Festival!


See You Soon…

With its proximity to D.C. and the rich diversity and quality of the city’s people and institutions, it’s no surprise Falls Church is one of the region’s fastest growing cities. Interested in stopping by, or a permanent move? Start with a visit to Three Collective (3co), a thriving flexidential apartment community redefining modern living. From an in-house demo kitchen, bowling alley, recording studio, co-op workspaces, VR lounge and so much more, 3co offers a brand new way to work, live, and play.

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